Fish Bowl Wedding Centerpieces

3 DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Fish Ideas

3 DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Fish Ideas with Mirror

Wedding centerpieces with fish might be something unusual for some would-be-married couples. However, with a touch of creativity you can actually create fish bowl wedding centerpieces at your chosen ambience, which is in accord to your wedding theme. As a matter of fact, you can even make those centerpieces yourself.

Wedding Centerpieces with Fish Ideas
Wedding table centerpieces decorations with these round gold fish bowls placed on a ring of beautiful flowers and inside the round gold fish bowl is two live gold fish swimming around.

DIY wedding centerpieces with fish seem worth to try, especially when you are on a budget. Surely, you will need a number of things aside fish bowl to create your one of a kind fish bowl wedding centerpieces. The following are a number of DIY Wedding centerpieces with fish ideas you might want to consider making one yourself for your upcoming wedding reception.

Fish Bowl Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Here are 5 ideas on Wedding centerpieces with fish for you to consider:

1. Fish Bowl Centerpiece with Mirror

    In this project, you will need a flat rounded fish bowl, a round mirror, a large votive or candle and colorful flower petals of your own choice.
    Here is how to arrange your easy DIY fish bowl wedding centerpiece:
    Place the fish bowl on top of the previously prepared round mirror. Put a large votive or candle in the bowl. Make sure that the candle will not move by gluing it tightly at the bowl’s bottom. Arrange a number of freshly cut large flower petals so as to hide the votive base.
    Choose the flower color and tone in accord with the room’s decoration and wedding theme such as red asters, daisies or roses. Adorn the reception table with a tablecloth at the same tone color with the flower.

2. Spherical Wedding Centerpieces With Fish

    You are going to need a spherical fish bowl for each rounded reception table. Fill the bowl with water up to its half. Place the fish bowl on a large rectangular crystal plate with weaving pattern. Put 2 or 3 large flower petals around the bowl in a triangular shape for a gorgeous arrangement.
    You can choose either asters or daisies petals at your chosen tone color. Red color would be best to create a contrast with the orange fishes inside the fish bowl. Put in a couple of orange fish such as guppies or goldfish. Adorn the table with a number of fresh flower stems at the same tone color placed in a tall glass vessel.

3. DIY Glass Wine Fish Bowl as Favors

    You can also make 2 in 1 fish bowl wedding centerpiece that is also serve as your wedding favor. Here, you will need small fish bowl at a glass wine shape that is filled with water and 1 or 2 small goldfish.
    Place water gel beads with various different colors at the bottom of the fish bowl. Dress up your centerpiece with decorative grass strands. Put the grass inside the bowl to create a look of seaweed or water plants.
    Adorn the table with several glass vases at different sizes and color filled with fresh flower around the table. At the end of the reception, you can ask the guests to take the wine-shaped fish bowl home that serve as the wedding favor as well as their new pet.

4. Gorgeous Sphere Fish Bowl Wedding Centerpieces

    In this very DIY project, you will need a large spherical fish bowl, some crystal pebbles and a fresh flower bloom at your chosen color. You just have to place the pebbles at the bottom of the bowl and put in a large flower bloom on top of the pebbles.  Adorn the table with tablecloth at the same tone color.

5. Terrarium Fish Bowl Wedding Centerpieces

    This project will require more time and energy since you have to prepare the media to make the terrarium. The fish bowl you need should be the small ones since this wedding centerpiece will also serve as the favor. So you need to fill up the fish bowl with sand or soil and miniature green plants. Place them on top of a purplish circle base. Ask the guest to take one as they leave the room as a favor

Making your own fish bowl wedding centerpieces or even wedding favors are not that difficult. Maximize your creativity for your best result.

Fish Bowl Centerpieces for Wedding

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