Thank You Card Wording

A few Idea about wording for thank you Cards

Thank you card is usually given when someone have attended your wedding, and other occasion, or an act of kindness someone performed on your behalf. Thank you card should be express your appreciation.

Giving thanks doesn’t just benefit the other person. You will receive benefits from doing it as well. You will begin to feel happier and more relaxed. In fact, it has been proven in studies that being grateful can have a positive effect on your health. It can reduce your stress and boost your immune system.

Before you get started try to relax your mind to getting best idea about wording thank you card. Follow your heart; convey your great feel that you have toward the gift given. Re-create the felling emotion when the gift or deed was offered. Make direct reference to the gift itself. For monetary gifts, indicate how the money will be used; whether to mention the amount given is optional. Here are some suggested wording examples to get you started:

Here the example of thank you card wording

  • Sample thank you card wording to someone who couldn’t make it to the wedding but still sent a gift:

    Dear Name,
    Thank you both very much for completing our sterling place setting collection. Andy and I look forward to using it at every special dinner we host. We really missed you both on our exclusive day and look forward to seeing you soon.

    Thank You Card Wording

  • Sample wording thank you card for someone who wasn’t invited to the wedding but sent a gift anyways:

    Dear Name,

    Thank you both so much for the thoughtful gift certificate. Anne and I look forward to purchasing new appliances for our kitchen with it. Thanks again for thinking of us during this special time in our lives.

    Thank you card wording example

You can access a huge source of thank you wording simply by surfing a few websites that specialize and offer a wide variety of examples of thank you card wording and appreciation phrases.
Thank you

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