Bluegrass Wedding Barn Reception And Ceremony Ideas

Bluegrass Wedding Barn holds endless possibilities for the amazing photos and details of homes and despite their choice of wedding venue wonderful, even the greatest of planners in business found the warehouse complex to plan a wedding, the logistics of the talks. There are usually more rustic weddings to plan than meets the eye — especially when mud, portable toilets and uninvited bugs can be a major factor. So that’s why we consult planning expert Lynn Easton, owner of Easton events and Pippin Hill Farm Vineyard & in North Garden, Virginia, and Vickie Brown, owner of the Victoria Belle Mansion and Vintage White Barn in Hogansville, Georgia, about how to have the wedding warehouse. They share eight warehouses snags your wedding can be pressed, and a solution that will leave you and your guests happy.

Set on a beautiful Kentucky horse farms, Bluegrass Wedding Barn is a unique place an area of 76 acres of rolling hills which provides a wonderful view and the limited options for your event. Add rustic charm and natural elegance to your special day.

Bluegrass Wedding Barn Ideas

Bluegrass Barn wedding theme gives people the chance to dress up (or, in the case of a hillbilly hoedown party theme, the dresses) and enjoy the food and the activities they usually do not pursue. Whether you’re planning a wedding Bluegrass Barn as the random fun event with friends, a birthday party or the coolest wedding rehearsal dinner before, apply theme Village for food, decor, and activities to make the shooting and hollering ‘ ‘ a good time.

Table decorations

Decorate the tables in a way that will evoke the humble roots, the rural hamlet of images. Buy or borrow a heavy jar and paint two red Xs on each to mimic traditional moonshine marks. Space a few jugs evenly along the middle of the table. If you will have more than one table, set one pitcher in the center of each. Get the whole hide animals such as Raccoons, opossums, and squirrels and put them on the table between the jug, or set the jar on top of the hide.


Prepare simple delicious food, featuring the kind of materials people can grow, pick, or hunting on your own, such as country-style fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed kale, corn bread, cobbler berry, “liquor” (store-bought whiskey jug was transferred to seem rude) and homemade ice cream. The theme of the village above by labeling each menu item. For example, the country fried chicken can be labeled as “fried” opossum whiskey as “the backyard moonshine,” steamed kale and green “from Yell.”


Play traditional bluegrass and modern country Western music or many, depending on your preference and the various specific hoedown You want to encourage. If you have a budget or a music-minded friend, recruit musicians live and define space for dancing after dinner. If not, the curate of computer-based CD or playlist song bluegrass optimistic and slow, set the appropriate balance do you want a raucous party meeting or uptempo is caused. (Slow Song would mellow mood.)

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