Bridal Dress In Sri Lanka Reviews

Bridal dress in Sri Lanka usually combine Eastern and Western traditions. The bride will wear a gown of silk saris that are rich in embroidery. The jewelry they wear must be odd, since odd numbers is considered bringing in blessing. In many countries, the bride dressed in national costume, as well as beliefs that reflect local customs. Getting married is an important event in the life of every person.
Bridal Dress In Sri Lanka

A lot of attention that spilled in preparing for the wedding, including preparing the right clothes. In various other Asian countries, the diversity of traditional bridal dress is very interesting to be listened to. There are colourful, simple, in fact there is also a stylish, edgy. Wedding dress is so riveting and interesting to be listened to. For more details, refer to the only wedding dress in Sri Lanka here.

Bridal Dress In Sri Lanka

Neighbouring India also made her wedding dress as a sari, but there are some differences. If India’s sari, which color wedding gown is red, then in Sri Lanka color sari made wedding gown is gold or beige color. However, there are also several wedding gown made of colored saris of red, just like India. Traditional bridal dress Sri Lanka itself called mul anduma. Wearing a mul anduma takes 30 minutes. A long time ago. Just as India, Sri Lanka bride bride also always wear a lot of jewelry.

Not only that, they also always wear hair accessories. The couple so look more fancy and exotic indigenous accentuate each. You can judge how their wedding dress not less glamorous and beautiful than the white bridal gown as usual. Unique and diverse once the traditional bride and groom shirts which exists in Sri Lanka. The bride is often the center of attention on the day of her wedding. But if you look at the traditional Sri Lankan wedding, chances are you won’t be turned away from the groom.

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