Cheap DIY Flowers Wedding Centerpieces

How to Make DIY  Flowers Wedding Centerpieces with Tissue Papper

Handmade Tissue paper flowers are so easy and inexpensive to make and add a huge impact to a room. In this article I would like to share my tutorial for How to make DIY Tissue Paper Flowers Wedding Centerpieces.  This is what I’ve been up to lately, making low budget DIY wedding centerpieces  and DIY friendly as possible.

diy flowers wedding centerpieces

The approximately finished product will be like this. Cute and off course low budget. Perfect for wedding centerpieces decoration. Hmm, I make this DIY tissue paper flowers centerpieces first, after that I have plan on doing a lot more Weddding’s DIY projects. So next articles I would like to post more about DIY project for the wedding (invitations, ceremony decor, jewelry for all, etc).

How I Make DIY  Tissue paper Flowers Wedding Centerpieces:

First, I need a set of  lotta sticks. For the best result I got the sticks  in nature. Actually, this was not that much fun because I don’t really like getting nature on me. Too much dirt and bugs.  After that,  I sliced my hand open with garden shears in the process of cutting a stick off a dead branch. That’s a whole lotta sticks I had made.

diy papper flowers wedding centerpieces
That was branch stick I had collected without counting. I thought is enough for lots of tissue flowers.

I put the stick out in order to coloring with spray paint. Silver Metallic is my favorite color because the color silver is associated with meanings of industrial, sleek, high-tech, and modern, as well as ornate, glamourous, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant.

DIY papper flowers wedding centerpieces
Cut the sticks down to size, and laid them out to spray paint.


DIY Flowers wedding centerpieces
I sprayed them using Krylon Metallic, which worked really well. It dried really fast and was only about $3.30 at Walmart.

The flowers are easiest, so lets start. I bought packets of tissue paper from Walmart and Target for $1 each in each of my wedding colors: pink, purple, and silver.

I cut the tissue paper into 5 inch by 10 inch rectangles. Each flower takes four pieces.

tissue flowers wedding centerpieces
Tissue paper, you can find them in many places in many colors. about $ 1 each.

Fold it up accordion style

diy wedding centerpieces with flowers
Flip the stack over and fold it again, seem like an accordion

DIY Tissue flowers wedding centerpieces

DIY Tissue flowers wedding centerpieces

And then tie it secure around the middle with a piece of wire.
DIY Tissue flowers wedding centerpieces
I trimmed the edges into a point,
DIY Flowers wedding centerpieces
And then pulled the layers apart on each side
After all the flowers were made I attached them to the sticks. I didn’t get a picture of this part, but basically all I did was wrap the wire around the top of the stick and them hot glue the stick into the flower.
I plopped them in vases I got from the Dollar Tree, put some ribbon around the middle, and voila! Pretty flowers.

stunning tissue flowers wedding centerpieces

diy wedding centerpieces

Stunning tissue paper wedding centerpieces. Great for summer wedding decoration

final product tissue flowers wedding centerpieces
diy flowers wedding centerpieces

Break down on costs:
Vases: $1 each from the dollar tree – $16
Tissue Paper: $1 each from Walmart and Target – $15
Spray Paint: $3.30 each from Walmart – $10
Ribbon: Two spools from Walmart – $5
TOTAL= $46. 

Pretty easy right? Under $50 for all my centerpieces.  I think I’ll want to put some small candles or something else on the tables as well, but the big part is done, and much cheaper than having floral centerpieces made up!
Now….onto the next wedding project. What to tackle next!!!


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