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9 Ways To Get A Classy Reception Dresses This Season 2018

Planning to change for your reception? Or is it that you want to make a grand exit at the end of the night? Here are some tips to help you pick the ideal reception dress!

Go Short or Long

Reception Dress

The length of your reception dress depends on the type of the wedding you are having. If you are planning a modern wedding, it is important that you choose a reception dress that compliments the general theme of the wedding. Although most of the brides think that it is not absolutely necessary to wear a long dress since you would be wearing a wedding dress all day, brides who prefer a classy reception dress often try out long dresses.

Pick the Ideal Color

There are instances where brides choose the reception dresses according to the theme colors of the wedding. However, make sure that you ideally choose white, eggshell or ivory colors to stand out from the guests at the party.

Push a Boundary Or Two

Just because the term dictates “dress”, your wedding reception dress does not have to be a dress. You can even resort to a white jumpsuit instead of a dress as most of the modern brides choose to do. Ideal for a modern and a classy wedding, jumpsuits are also a great way to feel relaxed after what would be a long day being confined in a wedding dress.

Decide on a Budget

classic wedding dress

The rule of thumb when picking out your reception dress is that you do not have to lose an arm or a leg over your reception dress. However, if you are working with a comfortably big budget, you may go ahead and shop your budget away as there is no right or wrong choice. Do not opt out of buying a reception dress if you are looking for a larger size since there are great options for plus size dresses out there.

Getting the Most Out the Dress

Most experts recommend that you do not go overboard on your reception dress since you will be able to wear it at other upcoming occasions the likes of going away. Ensure that your pick of the dress is not overly elaborated.

Do Not Put it On Too Early

Although you would be dying to get out of your wedding dress and into the dress that you chose to wear for the reception, try to stay a little longer in the wedding dress since you would miss serious wedding gown time. After all, you only get to wear it once and make sure that time is well-cherished. You can go ahead and put on the reception gown when you wish to go all out on the dance floor.

Comfortable Yet Bride-Worthy

classic wedding dress

A reception dress is simply a savior dress for the brides who have been sweating and hardly breathing in a tight, long wedding dress all day. Therefore, make sure that the material, the style and the fit is comfortable for you.

Get snapped in both

Whether you are planning to dance your special night away or planning to make a sparkling exit, ensure that you get your photographer to take a few snaps or more of you in your dress at the reception.

Match it

Classy wedding dress
Bring Back The Oldie

If your new husband is changing with you for the reception party, make sure that you mix and match with his attire as well so that the pictures of the new couple at the reception does not seem unfortunately odd.

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