Horseshoe Decoration Ideas For Wedding Party

A Western wedding without horseshoes is like a hipster wedding without a mustache. Wedding horseshoes might evoke memories of the popular plastic silver Horseshoe ‘ good luck ‘ marriage gifts given to brides, mainly in the 80s. Horseshoes decoration ideas is a symbol of luck be perfect to incorporate into your wedding, especially if you are a fanatic horse or have the wedding outdoors.

Need a little inspiration? There were some really great ideas that use horseshoes, including using them as an escort card, give each guest as a support, or even a game of horseshoe at your wedding.

Horseshoe Decoration Ideas Into Your Wedding

I think everyone knows that shoes are a symbol of good luck so a detail perfect for weddings, for sure! If you are preparing a rural or country wedding, these ideas will be very useful for you. So how can you incorporate horseshoes?

First of all, creating beautiful table centerpieces, you can combine the delicate flowers with large horseshoes. Dare to use them as escort cards, decorating details to your bridal bouquet or the groom’s boutonniere and cake toppers. Decorate the chairs and chandelier by them, it looks fantastic! Now scroll down to find out more ways how you can make Your outdoor wedding creative and adorable!

The original ideas to incorporate into Your Wedding Horseshoes

When you are planning a wedding-themed West, You will want to consider the time of year. Although you can plan this style in any season, it is much more convenient to have warm temperatures, such as the ceremony and/or reception will probably happen outdoors. Best time of year for a Western-themed wedding is a spring, summer or early fall (before it gets too cold).

Choose a place.

The place where you will be tying the knot makes a huge impact on your overall theme. If you are planning a wedding, the West country wedding or one with the vibration of the forest, selecting an environment that truly complement your theme. For example, a State wedding will be beautiful on a farm on a farm, in the barn, or in an old farmhouse. Backyard wedding (or someone in an open field) is also a great option if you are not able to select a warehouse or agriculture.


The Western wedding is more relaxed than the other themes. Instead of the heel, the bride may opt for a pair of Western boots.

Ceremony + reception Decor

While the place you are going to play a big role in the decoration of Your room wedding ceremonies and receptions as a whole (nature). However, there are many ways fun + inspiration to add a personal touch to your wedding decorations. Let’s explore a few hand-picked decorating ideas.

Binding in a unique decorating touch, like the colorful bunting and hay bale around Your ceremony and reception space. Here, the bride preparing for her walk down the aisle with her father in the backyard of the warehouse-style DIY outdoor wedding.

Horseshoe decoration ideas is a symbol of good luck and a piece of this that is ideal for decorating wedding theme! (See where to buy horseshoes for weddings.) You can use horseshoes make escort cards, to throw the ring as entertainment for guests, or as signs of a Chair.


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