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Ideas for Wedding Candle Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces isn’t all to be about flowers. Candle are affordable, help you to create romantic ambient for your wedding. If you are looking for ideas about Candle centerpieces for wedding, here’s some suggestion;

Candle Lantern Centerpieces

When comes to Wedding Centerpieces,  there are two items that come to mind for centerpieces are candles and lantern. For example a Christmas wedding would be beautiful with red or green pillar candles in candle holders surrounded by poinsettias or holly.

You can easily make a simple yet elegant winter wedding centerpiece like this for each table. For a winter wonderland wedding in January you could go with white flowers with blue candles and of course romantic red roses with a splash of pink and white for your Valentine’s day wedding. Add other touches to each winter wedding centerpieces such as coordinating ribbons and bows.

Candle Valentine Day Wedding

Another idea to make a candle centerpiece design feel more unique is to float candles in tinted water. What an easy way to create table decorations in your signature wedding colors!

You can use food coloring to tint water the perfect shade and float some white candles, if you can’t find the right shade of blue flowers for your centerpiece. Add more interest by using a trio of vessels in different heights or using one very large round bowl and floating lots of candles in it.

This idea can be enhanced further by filling the bottom of the clear vessels with something interesting. Add smooth river rocks for a Zen garden style, sparkling crystals to complement your crystal bridal jewelry, or marbles in a contrasting hue for a pop of color.

Lanterns are a terrific way to display candles for your wedding centerpieces. The great thing about lanterns is that they come in a very wide variety, so you can find ones which will suit any style of reception.

One tip when using candles is to be sure to go with unscented so that the smell of the candles don’t compete with the flowers on the table and food at the reception. Not only that but some people have allergies to scented candles.

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