Unique memorable wedding gift

Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas

unique-wedding-giftIf you searching for an unique wedding gift? Do you want to elicit the oohs and ahhs of everyone?
Of course, you could go to the couple’s gift registry and pick something from there, but then your gift wouldn’t be unique.
Below are several tips to help you come up with some memorable wedding gift ideas, but first you must ask yourself these questions:

  • what do you know about the couple?
  • where are they planning their honeymoon?
  • what do they like?
  • what is their lifestyle?
  • what’s their personality?

Here are some Tips for Unique Wedding Gift:

1. Keepsake Box

As time goes by, memories begin to fade and what better and more unique gift than a special box where they can safely store all those precious mementos that become more cherished as the years go by? This box is perfect for things like: the marriage license, special photos, vows and all those other special keepsakes that often get lost as time passes.

2. Gift certificates to a spa for the bride and groom are great before or after the wedding.

During the wedding season, all energy is focused on preparation for the big day. Once the confetti has settled and the honeymoon is over, the real work begins for the new couple. Ensure they embark on this journey feeling rejuvenated and rested. Give them a spa gift certificate for one of our luxurious treatments and help them stay on the course of true love.

The wedding day is often stressful, so you could offer a day at the spa to prepare them for the wedding day or they could use it just after the honeymoon as they prepare to resume their daily activities.

3. Etched Glass Wedding Invitation

Have their wedding invitation or special verse engraved on a glass sculpture. This will be treasured for years to come and definitely unique. Or, for a little variation, get the actual invitation and make a homemade project out of it; mounting it on a glass plate and finishing it with a matching colored paint.

4. Name A Star For The Couple

The Universal Star Registry offers “couple stars” as part of their many Star Packages. You can choose from over twenty constellations you would like the star to be in including all twelve zodiac signs, Ursa Major (Big Dipper) or Ursa Minor (Little Dipper), Orion and many more. This gift package also has maps, a certificate of ownership, a fact sheet and helpful hints for viewing the stars. This is truly a marvelous gift for the special couple on their special day!

These are just a few suggestions and tips to help you pick some unique wedding gifts. Try to remember and take these into consideration the next time you want to give the perfect wedding gift to your friends or family.

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