Mermaid Fancy Dress Adults For Wedding

Mermaid Fancy Dress Adults. Choosing a wedding dress is, for most brides, unfamiliar terrain. Unless they frequent formal red carpet events, it is rare that women will ever wear such a fancy dress before, or after their wedding. The first part of finding the perfect bridal gown is working out what wedding dress shape suits your body. There are seven of them, each with their own characteristics.

Mermaid gowns, also called fishtail dresses, are hugely popular with brides who want to sashay down the aisle with va-va-voom in their step. The mermaid wedding dress clings to the body from the neckline to the knees before flaring out into a full skirt. They look fantastic on brides with hourglass figures, and those who want to create the illusion of a fuller bust.
Mermaid Fancy Dress Adults For Wedding


Who Should Wear The Mermaid Wedding Dress Style?

If you have your eye on a mermaid wedding dress you probably are wondering… “will this be the best style ?” The mermaid style wedding gown is a silhouette that is fitted through the bust, waist and hips and then flares out around the knee. This dress style emphasizes the body shape.

Now, if you already know you are not comfortable showing off your curves or you don’t want to emphasize your trouble spots… then this dress shape is not for you. Also, this style usually looks best on average to tall brides. So if you are short this style can be a challenge to carry off. But the petite bride can wear this style if she makes some adjustments for it ahead of time, in order to make this style work for her.

The hourglass body shape looks great in mermaid style!

If the hourglass figure type is the body shape you have and you want to show off your curves… the best way to do it is with a mermaid style wedding gown.

You have a noticeably small waistline when compared to your bust and hips. Belt the waist with this style to further emphasize your small waistline.

But . . . if you are self conscious about having an hour glass shape then you shouldn’t consider mermaid wedding dresses as a style choice. Also, it can make your hips and thighs appear larger, since the this style focuses on that area by tapering in close around the knees.


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