Place to get married in texas

Places To Get Married In Texas For Reception

With wedding season, you may have been invited to at least a couple of weddings already. If you happen to be planning a wedding ourselves, which is one of the biggest decisions You will have to make is where to have it. And you should be able to choose what kind of venues to suit your party. From the hill country resort and beach-side venue showcases the natural beauty of Texas to lower, traditional wedding. This is places to get married in Texas.

Places To Get Married In Texas For Reception

The Bell Tower at 34 (Houston)

Welcome to the fairy tale of your wedding. The Bell Tower at 34 is a typical place that looks like something straight out of a film set. This unique destination is reminiscent of the Mediterranean and is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Houston, Texas. Transport your guests to another place in time. Whether you are planning a small intimate gathering in the wine cellar or the Majesty of the event for hundreds of weddings, you will arouse guests even those with the most discerning taste.

A neat gardens and Grounds including discoloration of waterfalls and provides a wonderful place for a romantic ceremony. Or hold a ceremony in the chapel at the place of eternal, pure. Backup water areas good for saatmu cocktail. Carillion beautiful Ballroom is one of the Ballroom. Carillion Ballroom offers high ceilings, chandeliers and spacious Windows.

Make a striking entrance to your party, announced from the balcony, does the wave and then walk down the grand staircase. Expect a magnificent architecture, superb Service and delicious cuisine. This place is recognized nationally as a prime destination for weddings and social events, and it’s easy to see why. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale with a romantic setting and striking architectural beauty. All Inclusive venue. There is a food and beverage minimum applied to all events. The venue allows 7 hours of rental time. The fee for a wedding ceremony is $1,500. Price range is from $75 per person to $270 per person.

Houstonian Hotel Club & Spa

Located Houstonian, Club Hotel & Spa in an 18-hectare wooded oasis in the heart of Houston. Luxury hotel is famous for its elegance, exceptional service and the surrounding landscape. Houstonian unique atmosphere create an ideal environment for the celebration of the day of the wedding. With a wide range of options where you will be sure to find the perfect space to suit your personal style and vision of the wedding.

Magnificent wooded backdrop allows for a quiet experience through outdoor event while Ballroom, enriched with dark wood prints, rugs, wall coverings and Chandeliers striking detail, creates an elegant indoor celebration. The Meadow was beautiful and desirable spaces for wedding ceremonies that are perfect for a warm day. This large green area surrounded by old oak trees and facing a white gazebo is smooth, the perfect setting to say your vows. Whether you are a celebration of outdoor or indoor you and your guests will be enchanted with exceptional service. Dine and dance the night away surrounded by family and friends as you cheers for good.

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