Revolution Brewery Wedding Venues in Chicago

Whether you’re looking for a wedding reception, cozy celebration dinner or a raucous holiday party, we’ve got the ingredients for a memorable event. All party packages have hand-crafted beers and seasonal cuisine. Click on the package to check out our selection of food and drinks. Please note that a minimum of 50 guests is required to book private parties and package for beer Lounge. A minimum of 150 guests needed for private parties and package in the press. All packages must be booked with drinks food packets. Packages do not include tax (10.5%) and gratuity (20%).

There is no cost! You pay only for food and drink (and anything else you may want to like the brewery tour) and you can do drink packages or hosted bar. (We did bar the host and it is much cheaper than getting a package.) Beer Lounge has a very warm and intimate feel to it. The staff is very laid back and quiet. They let us come in the night before the set-up of the background we are crazy, they provide extra tea lights in mercury pretty glass holder without us even asking, they prepare everything and quickly between the ceremony and reception. and the food is spectacular. We got so many compliments, even from my parents were super skeptical. It was a wonderful experience.

Thoughtful Chicago Wedding at Revolution Brewing

Shannon and Tom revolution brewing Weddings is a labor of love, coming together with the help of friends and family, just like the couple hope. Marriage seriously made, like couples writing their own ceremony, asked a childhood friend to lead, and even had a friend from college to play the music of the ceremony. Fortunately, there is Erin Hoyt Photography to document every moment, from the first glance at the bridge in Chicago their first kiss as husband and wife as the Sun is shining through the window of the revolution brewing.

A few:

Shannon and Tom


Revolution brewing, Chicago, Illinois


We really don’t have a theme, but we want every part of our wedding day to reflect who we are. We value our family and friendship most wanted warm, simple wedding decoration and in a small and intimate place where we would feel comfortable and close. College friends play the music for our ceremony. We wrote our own ceremony, and childhood friend was adopted. Revolution Brewing is a beautiful space with dark wood furniture and space flooded with light in the afternoon. Our florist did an amazing job that fills the room with beautiful flowers and candles. Everything is simple, but we agree on every detail together every bit held some special meaning for both of us.


The whole day throughout the day, but there were times during the dinner when we looked around the room and see all our loved ones laughing and joking. It is the right time, and that’s when we can finally relax!

All of our vendors are fantastic people who make us relaxed throughout the entire planning process. They are all just really good with whom we are excited to spend the time and share our special day. Vanessa Nightingale Beauty made the whole wedding party look and feel beautiful.

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