Sepedi Traditional Attire and Dashiki For Wedding Ideas 2018

Like the traditional African wedding, or also known as Umabo, colors, vibration, energy and culture are truly inspiring. While some are a bit more traditional than others one thing they all have in common is the Umakoti (bride) and Umkhwenyana (groom). That looks really Babazeka (very interesting to see). Adorned in their traditional clothing, with beads. Print and pattern in the rainbow colors of their clothing. It is some of the most exciting wedding clothes and colorful that you have yet to see. One of them is the use of Sepedi traditional attire.

When a marriage goes ahead, the women had to cover, by wearing headgear and scarves as a sign of respect. Wedding style. Have the tailors. Wearing the original Sepedi. Wearing a maroon velvet does with the pin and has a leopard print scarf on the arms/shoulders left. With wearing ditlhwatlhwadi around their ankles. To complement the look got pink shoelaces to white. Sepedi traditional dresses designs are destined to provide confidence and charm. For more details, you can refer to the Sepedi traditional attire here.

Sepedi Traditional Attire

The Republic of South Africa is a country in southern Africa. Any of the ethnic riotings there, as is the custom of marriage and their custom. South Africa traditional clothes are worn, like the long gown such as Sepedi traditional attire. In South Africa also knows the Madiba shirt. There are many festivals that existed in South Africa is South Africa traditional clothes are worn, like the long dress. Many who chose traditional outfits in South Africa is for weddings. The traditional dress is because it gives the impression of more attractive to women who use it. Of course, women should determine the design that suits your body shape. In addition, women also have to choose the color of the dress before deciding to use it.

Dashiki Africa Traditional Attire

For you who like smelling something ethnic, vintage or hipster, definitely never seen trends Dashiki. Dashiki is a colorful pattern which has clothes worn by men in West Africa. Not like now where Dashiki is worn by the women, initially this outfit just for men only. Clothing is usually worn with a plain pants and hats-Kufi. Using color Dashiki in Africa should be based on the moments that occur. For example, for most of the wedding, the groom wore a white dashiki. While the mood of mourning, black and red is the traditional color of choice.

There are also purple and lavender is identical with the color of nobility and of Africa. Any blue which reflects serenity. The name Dashiki itself using the language of Hausa and ciki meaning t-shirts. There are two versions of Dashiki that is formal and informal. But basically have in common, namely a loose shirt. It with the ornate form of V in the collar and also pattern-matching the pattern at the sleeves and bottom. Clothing Dashiki and Sepedi does have a unique and interesting. No wonder the fashion trends. Cool and it’s a shame if missed.

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