Unity Candle Wedding Ceremony

Unity Candles are a Wonderful Wedding Tradition

Unity candles are a wonderful wedding tradition that is seen in most wedding ceremonies. It has become increasingly popular in recent generations. Lighting up The unity candle during wedding ceremony is special way to symbolize your two lives joining together as one. One candle represents the groom and the other, the bride. The mothers or parents typically light the candles to represent each family.

The center candle represents the covenant marriage between you and your groom. In the Christian church, Unity Candle ceremony meaning “The way that the candles are lit reflects the leaving and cleaving of the bride and groom.  Genesis 2:24 says, “Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh.” There is a lot of symbolism in this tradition. Jesus is the Light and when the two flames become one, there is no way to separate the bond of marriage. It is such a beautiful image!

Unity candle wedding ceremony
Traditional unity candle ceremony during wedding ceremony. Love the symbol of the unity candle of two becoming one.

In cases where there are three unity candles, the families of the bride and groom are included in the lighting of the unity candles. Typically in wedding ceremonies, the mother of the bride will light one candle, and the mother of the groom will light another candle before the entry of the bride. The lighting of these two candles symbolizes the joining of two families together. The bride and groom then light their unity candle during the ceremony.

The unity candle lit by the married couple will be kept for years to come. On every anniversary, the couple will again light the candle to reinforce and even strengthen the vows made on the wedding day. By lighting the candle, the couple may also remember the beautiful day when they were joined in matrimony.

Unity candles are wonderful wedding tradition. It is a special, symbolic moment, both for the families, and the married couple. During the lighting of the candles, the families, and the bride and groom are given a moment to ponder the uniting of the new family and their new lives together. And the couple has a cherished part of their wedding ceremony to keep for their future.

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