Wedding Gown Designers Philippines

Wedding Gown Designers Philippines – Getting married is one of the most awaited things for every couple who love each other. Before you, binding promise is certainly the future husband-wife couples preparing everything needed. Starting from the location of the reception, catering, clothing, and so on. Currently, many wedding service provider that not only offers traditional customs of the particular style but rather international.


Wedding Gown Designers Philippines

Despite wearing the traditional clothes is a must, You don’t worry about some famous designers have joined showing dresses-wedding gowns are very beautiful. The development of technology and cutting-edge fashion trends make the wedding party a step further without losing the meaning of sacred sacred promise of marriage. Lately, couples bridal showers many put forward a mix of traditional-modern or even combine two different customs and make it a current trend.

Wedding Gown Designers Philippines

Did you know that the Philippines is a home of talented wedding dress designers? Filipino wedding dress designs are filled with ingenuity and artful taste, featuring unique shapes, exquisite embroideries, and statement-making elegance. As a bride, you surely want everything to be perfect on your wedding day – from the bouquet that you’ll carry as you walk down the aisle down to the food that the caterers will serve on your reception – everything just has to be perfect. Of course, this also includes your bridal gown.

After all, your wedding day is one of the most important highlights of your life, so it is definitely essential for you to look your best on this special day. The Philippines is a home for young and talented wedding gown designers. One of the famous designers was Rajo Laurel. Rajo Laurel is a Manila-based fashion designer. As the first-born son of a prominent political family, Rajo was under enormous pressure to enter politics. Instead, he pursued his dream of becoming a couturier. Laurel started his fashion line in 1993 with one seamstress. By 1995 Laurel’s couture business was making $11,000 annually in sales.

Since then it has expanded from couture to include retail and employee uniforms for casinos, resorts, and hotels. The Rajo Laurel Group of Companies brought in $1.7 million in revenue in 2014. His clients include the country’s presidents, celebrities, and movie stars.

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