Wine Theme Wedding Centerpieces

Whine Themed Wedding Centerpieces: Choosing the Best One

Whine themed wedding centerpieces often refer to something glamorous and elegant. However, you can actually create your very own ambience with the particular wedding centerpiece theme. You can add some knick knacks on the table to adorn the table as well as the entire room decoration.

wine theme wedding centerpiecesWhen it comes to wine themed wedding centerpieces, one of the many things you can choose to be your centerpiece would be the wine bottle, wine glass and even the grape tree. Surely, there may be a lot of things to prepare and consider when determining the best theme for your wedding centerpiece. In fact, the following examples of centerpieces may help you to explore your imagination and ideas and turn them into your own wine themed wedding centerpieces.

4 Wine Themed Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Let us take a look on the following ideas along with their details to help you determine the best centerpiece for your upcoming reception.

1. Shimmering Wine Bottle Centerpieces for Weddings

This centerpiece will grant you an elegant ambience with its long rectangular wooden table being left bare – without any tablecloth on top of it. To make the project, you will need some transparent chillpit wine bottles and long tapers. Line the wine bottles in the center of the table, make them line in 2 rows.

Put a long taper on each bottle to give the table enough lights. Silvery utensils will enhance as well as reflects the gorgeous shimmer from the tall tapers. Different sizes and shapes of lanterns in golden and silver patterns hung above the table will embrace the glam and elegant ambience to the space.

2. Fresh Giant Wine Glass Centerpiece

For this gorgeous yet simple wine themed wedding centerpieces you are about to present the freshness and scent of the nature from the freshly cut flower bloom of your own option. A giant wine glass is filled with water up to its ¾ part. Put in your chosen flower blossoms along with a floating candle.

You can pick yellow aster or any other flower you like at the tone color you choose. Adorn the table with suitable tablecloth and other knick-knacks that are in tune with the theme and color.

3. Upside Down Wine Glasses Centerpiece

To adorn a rounded reception table, prepare a round mirror and 3 rounded wine glasses at different sizes. Place the wine glasses upside down on top of the mirror. A freshly cut flower is placed in each tube (the part where we used to pour the wine into). A short votive should be placed on top of the upside down wine glasses to provide a glam light throughout the table.

4. Shimmering Wine Bottle Centerpieces for Weddings

Wine bottle can become an adorable wedding centerpiece with a little creativity touch. You can even make this centerpiece yourself. However, you are going to need quite a number of wine bottles at your own chosen color, shape and size because you are about to learn how to cut them.

For each rectangular table, prepare a glasscutter to cut 3 to 5 bottles at your desired height, tea light candles and some corks. When you have done cutting the bottle, dress a rectangular table that holds 6 – 8 wooden chairs with cream tablecloth and burgundy table runner.

Fill up a large glass sconce with corks and place it in the center of the table. Put a small vase with a tea light candle inside the sconce. Gorgeously arrange your newly cut wine bottles along the table runner. Put the tea light candle inside each bottle to grant a gorgeous shimmer to the guests. Adorn the table with white plate laid on top of a burgundy wicker plate mat. Enhance the look with a cork napkin holder beside each place.

Hopefully, you can soon find your desired wine bottle centerpieces for weddings or others stuffs that are in accord with wine themed wedding centerpieces. You can explore more from the aforementioned ideas. Take your time ?

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