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Wooden Lantern Centerpieces Ideas

3 Elegant Wooden Lantern Centerpieces Ideas for Your Wedding

Wooden lantern centerpieces may add a more natural, classic or even romantic ambience into your wedding reception. As a matter of fact, such lanterns may be the great way to express your personality in decorating your wedding reception and ceremony.

Wooden wedding centerpiecesWhen it comes to wooden lantern centerpieces, surely there are various different models, colors and sizes to choose. All you have to do is to determine your wedding theme and create the most suitable centerpiece by using the particular lantern. The following examples of elegant wooden lantern centerpieces may help you to determine your own centerpiece or even create and combine them into your one of a kind wooden lantern wedding centerpieces.

Examples of Wooden Lantern Centerpieces

Here are 3 examples of simple yet elegant centerpieces that make the best use of wooden lantern for you to consider:

1. Fresh Wooden Lantern Centerpieces

In this kind of centerpiece, a round reception table that holds 6 chairs is adorned with white tablecloth. A black rectangular wooden candleholder lantern is placed in the center of table as the focal point. Some fresh orange flower petals are nicely arranged inside the lantern to cover the orange candle base. Adorn the lantern with green succulent of which bloom is like a flower at the corner of the lantern into a triangular shape. Scatter some white and orange tone color pebbles to add the beauty and natural ambience into the entire decoration.

2. Classic Wooden Lantern Centerpieces

You are going to need a long rectangular dark brown wooden table with no tablecloth. The focal point of the table would be 2 different sizes of black rectangular wooden lanterns. Put 2 big candles on the bigger lantern and 1 candle on the smaller one. Add a cylindrical crystal vase filled with water and red fresh flowers arrangement. Put the vase between the two lanterns. Adorn each side of the lantern with a small flower bouquet. Napkin with the same tone color with the lantern will add the beauty of the reception table.

3. Purple and Blue Wooden Lantern Centerpieces

A rectangular wooden table that holds 6 wooden white chairs is what you need to create this kind of centerpiece. Embellish the table with purple tablecloth. Laid a large garden candleholder lantern of which color is white on a square green velvet base. Sprinkle the green base with purplw orchids to make a fresh and natural look on the d├ęcor. Put a big green candle inside the lantern. Three different sizes of white tall candleholder filled with candles on top are to adorn the table as well as emphasize the focal point of the table i.e. wooden lantern centerpieces. A glass filled with fresh white and green flower blossoms such as aster is to complete the entire decoration.

Wooden lantern centerpiece are indeed one of the gorgeous way to beautify your wedding reception. You can even choose an antique wooden lantern for a vintage ambience or a simple and sleek one for a more minimalist and modern tone. Whichever wooden lantern centerpieces you choose hopefully you can grant your guests with remarkable centerpiece and decoration.

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